Unwinding at Dzukou Valley - Trip of a lifetime.

July 29, 2019
Dzukou Valley Camping

There are a million reasons to fall in love with Northeast India. Every destination here is engulfed in a unique blend of picturesque charm and cultural magic. So, when we set out on another soulful adventure to the famed Dzukou Valley, Nagaland, we could only imagine what awaited us on our arrival.

We are going to be honest here – the trek isn’t an easy one; yet when you begin the journey, the path slowly leads you up on a 2000 meters high altitude, all the way towards one of the most rewarding travel experiences of your life. The lush greenery of the gorgeous valley seems like being covered under velvety green carpets and is filled with pretty flowers that blooms every summer, among which the Dzukou Lily stands out strikingly, especially in the month of May.

Essence of Dzu-kou – Cold Waters

Everything about the valley, the landscape, the folklores, the breeze and the journey surrounding all of it, is refreshing to the very core. There’s a stream that flows through the valley, that looks straight out of a utopian dream, the burbling of the stream is music to the ears and food for the soul. The locals here believe that the pure water of the stream has healing effects. And having experienced this magnificent view first-hand, we’ll have a hard time disputing that. Take a look!

How do we reach this Paradise of a place?

Dzukou trek

Between the borders of Nagaland and Manipur, lies the breathtaking Dzukou Valley. The two common routes to reach Dzukou are the Viswema route and the Jakhama route in Nagaland. Although the route taken via Jakhama is relatively shorter, it is a steep climb and prone to slippery stones during monsoons.

We recommend starting the trek via Viswema route, which can be reached by a cab from Dimapur Railway Station. The time taken may be longer but is comparatively easy to trek. Vehicles drop you next to the Guest House which is around 8kms trek from the ticket booth/entry gate for Dzukou from Viswema. So, 8kms of the trek can be cut short, whereas in Jakhama you begin your trek right from the main road.

You’ll reach the base camp first – from where you begin the trek; one of the best in your lifetime.

Base camp at Dzukou Valley

There is a helipad near the base camp. But since it is not operational always, it is also used as a camping ground by campers.

Few things to know before your Dzukou Trek

Dzukou trek

Prior physical activity advised

Like we have mentioned above, the trek isn’t an easy one. If you’re someone who indulge in little to no physical activity in your everyday routine, it will be difficult to complete the trek. Because, the route via Viswema, although easier, still requires a steep climb of 1 to 1.5 hours. For more details on the trek, feel free to contact us here.

Bonus fact: While going from Viswema, after the steep trek, there is a way which leads to Mt Temfu.

Documentation that you need

Inner Line permits (ILP) are required to enter Nagaland. If you’re travelling with us on this trip to Dzukou, your ILPs will be arranged from our end.

Ticket Charges

Rs 20 for the locals, Rs 50 for Locals (from Nagaland) Rs 100 for Indians, Rs 200 for Foreign tourist and Rs 200 for a camera.

Plastic-free zone

Dzukou trek

In case you weren’t aware, Dzukou Valley has been declared a plastic-free zone. Although you’re allowed to carry plastic items along, you can’t leave any plastic trash behind. As a matter of fact, before beginning the trek, all plastic items are counted and tallied against the number of items you carry back on your return from the valley. Penalty is levied upon violation of these norms.

Tobacco free zone

The tranquil nature of the valley demands not only your appreciation, but your respect as well. Tobacco is strictly prohibited in the valley, and all those who venture on to this rewarding journey respect the norms and leave behind their cigarettes. Trust us on this – it’s worth every rule followed in the valley.

No Drones without prior consent

The Dzukou Valley is managed by an entity called SAYO. It is mandatory to take prior approval from SAYO before flying drones in the valley. Drones are prohibited, otherwise.

Preparing for the trek

Dzukou trek

Just a few small pointers to prepare better for your trek to Dzukou Valley –

Raincoats & trekking shoes – Rainfalls are common in the area, and the trek could be a slippery one. It is always recommended to gear up with a pair of trusty trekking shoes.

Full Pants are ideal – The urge is real to wear a pair of half pants or shorts. But there are certain plants in the valley that could cause immense itching if your legs come in contact.

Carry a reusable water bottle – Plastics can’t be left behind in the valley, and the best way to avoid purchasing water on your way is to carry one from home. You can fill it up on your stops.

Pack dry fruits and fresh fruits on the go – You need your energy for the trek in its fullest; a clean & healthy diet is the way to go. Even up in the valley, food prepared is simple, yet delicious.

Glucose D – The energy drink for campions, we say! In between your trek, you would need refreshments to keep going. A little energy booster work wonders here.

Expectations during the Trek – with Encamp Adventures

Dzukou trek

Expert guides from Encamp Adventures will trek alongside you all the way so that your journey begins and concludes smoothly. Our Nagaland trek expert, Saman Singh is the best company to keep during your trek to Dzukou. You will not only get to know rare facts about the valley, but our trek experts will ensure that you aren’t facing any issue during the trek.

Simplified treks

Dzukou trek

At Encamp we encourage people to get back to their roots; we also make staying in the wilderness fun. Your journey with us is made easy through seamless processing of ILP, travel tickets, road transfers, guide allotment and meal plans during your entire trek. What we really want is for our guests to enjoy the trek and take back priceless memories home.

Meeting with the locals

You’ll meet some of the friendliest people during the trek here. The locals here are a delight to talk to; their humble way of life is endearing and is to be taken inspiration from. They are the ones who grow their own food and will not mind sharing their meals with you!

Feasting the local way

Speaking of food, have you tried their local delicacy called ‘Galho’? You really should try out this heavenly concoction of rice and vegetables, along with meat (or without) during your trek to Dzukou. Locally brewed rice beers are a must try too, during your trek.

In case you were wondering, we serve complimentary rice beers to our fellow travelers on their arrival at the base camp!

Fall in love with the picturesque valley

Dzukou trek

This is but obvious, is it not? From the moment you’ll set foot in the valley till it’s time to say goodbye, you won’t be able to get enough out of this place (we weren’t able to either). This is where you leave your stress behind and connect with yourself. And take it from us, your trip to Dzukou Valley is one of those, which is felt more than it can be expressed; in other words, you’re in for a spellbound experience of a lifetime.

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