The Grand 7 Sister Northeast Tour - First Time Ever

Situated in the easternmost region of our country, lies a piece of paradise comprising of the seven states, commonly referred to as the seven sisters. The area serves as one of the most engaging and soul captivating destinations for the wanderlust travellers who seek solace amidst nature. The seven states have their own endemic identity and culture yet blending beautifully with one another and delivering bag full of surprises to the visitors. Right from the incomparable hospitality that the indigenous people of the land have to offer, to the tall, green hills that stand with utmost pride, to the environment-friendly lifestyle to lip-smacking local food, to the exotic flora and fauna, the seven sisters happen to be the land of maximum diversity and rich cultural heritage. True that the region has not made into the most popular travel destinations yet, one needs to come here for once and lose themselves to the charismatic views and the charm of the northeast.

The region of northeast consists of sister states of Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, along with Sikkim. Placed away from the hustle and bustle of the mundane city life, the northeast is an amalgamation of both natural beauty and technological and industrial developments.

Northeast India exhibits nearly pleasant weather due to its geographical location, welcoming the tourists in large numbers during the period of November to April.

With Assam offering the magnificent views of the mighty Brahmaputra, a sacred visit to the Kamakhya Temple, enthralling exposure to the wildlife of Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park and travelling back to the history of the Ahom Kingdom, the tour often takes a start from here since the state has an excellent transport connectivity with all the other neighbouring states. Assam also happens to be the home for the world-famous one-horned rhinoceros. The land boasts of its highest production of tea plantation in the nation and the world-renowned Muga silk. Majuli and Umananda, the worlds largest and smallest river islands respectively are situated here in Assam. Bihu is celebrated with utmost joy and enthusiasm as the harvest festival, delicacies like Assamese pithas are prepared. The historical attractions of Assam like Sivasagar, Udharband, Barak Valley and Tezpur occur as evidence of the chapters of the past and have stood all test of time.

Bordered by the lofty mountains and lush valleys with mountain rivers streaming down, lies the largest state of the region, Arunachal Pradesh. It shares international borders with three countries- Bhutan in the west, Myanmar in the east, and China in the north. It is the home to one of India's largest monasteries, the Tawang monastery. A journey through the snow-capped mountains and hairpin bent roads, thrilling activities like trekking and rafting and the tropical wildlife condition make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Bomdila-Tawang route happens to be the most favourable by the trekkers along with Bomdila-Seppa, Along-Mechuka, Daporijo-Taksing, Pasighat-Tuting, Pasighat-Mariang, Daporijo-Along and Bomdila-Daimara-via-Ramalingam and Chakku. The spiritually advanced state of Arunachal Pradesh is a diverse land to 26 different tribes with their unique identities. The state celebrates its culture with colourful festivals which display the artistic attributes of the tribes, Ziro district being the most famous for the Ziro festival.

The scenic beauty of Nagaland is so mesmerising that it is one of the most explored regions in the northeast. It provides shelter to several different and distinct tribes along with divergent flora and fauna. It experiences a perfect blend of modernity and local tribal culture. Kohima, the capital city, is the host of an extravaganza such as the Hornbill festival and also displays a tinge of colonial development. The visitors can find nature's grandeur in places like Japfu Peak, Dzukou Valley and Shilloi Lake.

Manipur, also known as the jewel city of the country, is an epitome of calmness, serenity and simplicity. It ensures the travellers a journey through the vast green landscapes with blue rivers and lakes and thick woods. The prominent, The Keibul Lamjao National Park that happens to be the only floating national park in the world is situated in Manipur. Loktak and Sendra lake, Moirang, Chandel, Imphal and INA Memorial are the few places of interest in the state.

Mizoram comprises of 21 hill ranges that spread out across the state with flourishing evergreen fields and dense forests. The picturesque locations in and around the state make the visitors plan another trip to the heavenly place, the domain comprises of various indigenous tribes who celebrate their culture and tradition with great pride and zeal. Some of the tourist attractions of the state are Phawngpui National Park, Falkwan Village, Tamdil, Dampa Tiger Reserve and Aizawl.

The state of historical importance, Tripura, is situated at the foothills of Himalayas. Richly embedded with culture and tradition, this state was once home to the famous Manikya tribe. The land of nineteen tribes presents Tripura as a complete package of sumptuous lifestyle, religious festivals, colourful costumes, delicious food, trekking and a site for tourist attraction. Ambassa, Rudrasagar lake, Rajbari National Park, Kailashashar and Agartala are few tourist destinations.

The abode of the clouds or Meghalaya is a beautiful state situated in the laps of mother nature. The land is luxuriously immersed with ultimate ethnicity amongst the tribes residing here. Shillong, the capital city, also known as the Scotland of the east, is surrounded by spectacular lakes and green hills. The wettest place on earth, Mawsynram and the cleanest village of India, Mawlynlong are situated here in Meghalaya. The region has a history of extraordinary craftsmanship and wood carving and artistic weaving, especially in Khasi and Jaintia districts. Some famous tourist attractions in the state are Dawki lake, Umiam lake, the Double-decker living root bridge, Elephant falls and Cherapunji.

The trip to the northeast is definitely going to be one of its kind for it allows you to be at the closest to nature, impacting your thoughts and understanding a civilised yet diverse culture.

Every nook and corner of the region is an abode to significant tribes who have been living in harmony with the surrounding as well as merging with the latest progress and advancements.

Exploring the northeast could sound offbeat without a well-designed plan of action for the land has so much to offer. A strategically executed plan is what that makes the trip all worth it because you definitely wouldn't want the last minute hassle.

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