Explore Khanapara Hillside camp with Encamp Adventures

Our lives right now have become so monotonous and busy that taking a break might seem to be a task next to impossible. If given a chance, wouldn't you want to take some time off and spend it amidst nature and in the company of your loved ones? How about surprising the crowd by hosting private events at a place away from the bustling city? Imagined yourself to be strolling through the woods and catching the day's first sun rays? Doesn't it sound enthralling?

It is all possible now at this tiny heavenly abode right in our very own city of Guwahati.

Located in Khanapara, this beautiful property serves as a campsite for the guests and beats the mainstream hotels or homestays by providing you with a fun-filled experience. The greenery in and around the campsite will compel you to ditch the typical four cemented walls and spend your nights in our alpine tents under the vast stretch of sky. Comfortable mattresses, sleeping bags, bedsheets and pillows are supplied for a pleasant and cosy stay. Breakfast and dinner are provided with the best quality food. A short hike through the rubber plantations is arranged for the early risers to get the glimpse of the sunrise in the city. The ones who miss out on the morning stroll can witness the astounding sunset along with the city view from a distant.

With a lake in the campsite, the water lovers can engage themselves with the activities offered to them, such as boating and angling.

Apart from that, a unique arrangement of bonfire and music is made for our lovely guests who choose to stay by at our place.

All of these at Rs 1500 per person, it is a deal you wouldn't want to drop.

We at Encamp Adventures make sure that the arrangements are suitably looked after and give our guests an excellent service at an affordable price. Comfortable stay and fabricating treasured memories for our clients are the two aspects we genuinely believe in.

So why not take a small break from your humdrum routine and spend a few days at our camp and make the best memories with your loved ones?