What to PACK and NOT to PACK
while going for a Camping Trip!

July 15, 2019
packing for camping

Stuck in the traffic with cars honking all around, piles of pending files rising high every single day, the very important project submission before the week ends. There is just too much pressure to handle in this rat race of a world. Don’t you feel like leaving everything behind and escaping to a place where you can unwind and relax while you listen to the stream flowing by? If yes, then trust us, you need a break! If the charm of nature and the rush of adventure is irresistible to you, then you should definitely gear up for a camping trip. Yes, you get to visit magical places in tucked away in the lap of nature; we think of it as the perfect escape that you should definitely experience. Speaking of magical escapes, the gorgeous states of Northeast offers just the right vibe for an unforgettable camping trip.

starry night camping

Just imagine… eating in the wild, sitting around the bonfire on a starry night, laying down and gazing at the stars, walking down the road less travelled by, going off to sleep to the sound of crickets and waking up to a breathtaking view that only nature can offer. Northeast India is bestowed with natural beauty in abundance. While, booking a hotel seems convenient, camping makes it possible for you to experience the vibrant culture and explore the less explored places of this amazing part of India.

before camping

But before you get packing, you should know about the essentials to carry on a camping trip – you don’t want to miss out on the complete fun that camping provides just because you weren’t prepared right.

A little planning and smart packing will keep all your camping troubles at bay. With the years of experience in arranging camping trips for our fellow travelers in and around Northeast, we have a few tips to share with you guys, if you’re are planning a camping trip, especially on your own. Here goes –

The Checklist

Let’s look at some of the basics that HAS to be on your check list while preparing for your trip.

1. For your comfort in sleeping – Carry your sleeping bag and inflated pillows along with your folding tents, so that you don’t compromise on a peaceful sleep under the night sky.

Not in the mood of carrying too much? Get in touch with us and we’ll keep them ready for you with guided tours and tons of activities arranged to suit your camping mood!

camping in rainy season

2. Watch out for the rain – Surprise rains are a common phenomenon in the Northeastern parts of India, specially Meghalaya. So, we suggest that you pack a pair of Rain Jacket and Rain Cover in your backpack. Also, carry a few extra pairs of quick drying clothes (preferably polyester based), an extra pair of socks, along with towels.
Pro Tip: Carry a colorful umbrella to add a pop of colors in your photos.

hydrate yourself

3. STAY SAFE, STAY HYDRATED – Carry first-aid essentials and stock up on some energy bars to keep your hunger pangs away. Also, carry a bottle of clean water because keeping your body hydrated is very important. And if you go for trekking, then it is a must in your list.
Pro Tip: Carry reusable bottles on your trips in order to reduce plastic waste while traveling.

4. Keep your hiking boots ready – Some of the wonders in Northeast can only be experienced by going a little distance on your feet. Once you’re here, there’s a galore of trekking options; from the high-altitude Sela Pass in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh to hiking your way into the enchanting village of Mawlinnog in Meghalaya for the living roots village, your trekking experiences will be one of a kind.

5. Update your offline maps and carry a power bank – Disengage, you must while staying amidst nature, but you need not refrain from using your devices entirely! In fact, keeping your offline maps updated will come in handy if you were to lose your way in between. Flashlights of your phone will be a life-saver at nights, so be sure to carry a power bank along with your chargers, so that your phone doesn’t die on you suddenly in the dark. Also, keeping your phone on will keep your Insta stories going!
Pro Tip: A Solar Charger is a great idea for camping trips. Electricity may not be always accessible but sunlight will find its way.

6. FIGHT THE DAMN MOSQUITOES – You’re in their territory now, choose your armor wisely – be sure to pack a couple of insect repellents for your camping squad.

must haves while camping

7. Lastly, the classic must-haves – Toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet papers, wet wipes, sanitizer, biodegradable soaps and sunscreen.

Now you know what you need to pack, but the concept of ‘smart packing’ is also about knowing what not to pack. Because, the mantra is to travel light.

camping attire

1. SAY NO TO DRESSES and EXPENSIVE Attires – We can bet you look amazing in your best attires which are often on the expensive side of your wardrobe. Precisely the reason, why you shouldn’t risk ruining them in a rugged environment. Comfy pants/shorts and tees/shirts are the way to go.

2. NO BLING – Trust us, camping isn’t the place for your jewelries – easy to get lost and not worth the panic!

3. MAKEUP ESSENTIALS – Let’s just say that this is the perfect place to sport your pretty face the natural way! Carry only the ‘can’t do without’ stuff, and leave your luxurious products safely behind.

4. KEEP YOUR GADGETS AT HOME – Say Good Bye to your laptop, iPad, PSP etc. before heading for your vacation. Have a Tech Free Trip!

They say we learn things better with experience. So, go on a camping trip, gain a first-hand experience and who knows, you might end up adding a dozen new things to pack and not pack by the time you gear up for your next camping trip.

Happy Camping!