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Ziro Festival of Music 2019

August 05, 2019
Ziro Festival of Music 2019

Golden paddy fields, hilly terrains, breezy air and the irresistible charm of being in Northeast India – yup, that sounds like Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. The land of Apatani Tribe, they say, the best time to visit Ziro is during its famed annual Ziro Festival of Music that celebrates soulful music mostly in the genre of indie rock. The four-day music festival started in the year 2012 and ever since, the month of September in Ziro stands witness to patrons of the festival coming in huge numbers from all parts of Northeast as well as other parts of India and overseas, year after year; making it the coolest outdoor music festival of the hills.

The Ziro Festival of Music 2019 is going live on 26th September (continuing till 29th September)
and will go on to become the eighth edition, its anticipation growing bigger than

From Day 1 of the festival till the fourth day, ZFM comes to life right from daytime. The festival ground warms up with music reverberating off the two stages; Danyii setting the base in day light, engulfing the audience in a melodious trance, whereas the mainstage, Piilo puts the crowd in motion as the evening sky takes over the ambiance.

Your Stay During ZFM 19

Check out this page for all details on Encamping at ZFM 19

Ziro Festival of Music 2019

Read on to unfold the experience that comes with encamping at ZFM 19

Like the previous year and the years before that, our team at Encamp Adventures is once again ready with all the camping arrangements for our fellow campers who would be joining us for an unforgettable camping trip during the Ziro Festival of Music.

In case you’re still wondering where to put up during the four-day festival from 26th to 29th September, here’s a quick guide to what we offer at our campsite –

Your comfort, our priority – When you rest well, you enjoy more. This is why your stay at Encamp Adventures come in comfy Alpine Tents, paired with sleeping bags, inflated pillows and mats. We don’t compromise on hygiene either; our campsites are equipped with proper toilets and bath facilities that is much needed while staying outdoors.

Hot meals 24/7 – When you’re camping at the coolest outdoor music festival of the hills, you leave behind the time stamp; there is no odd hours to get hungry at our campsite! Deliciously prepared local meals will be served round the clock. Did we mention about the complimentary mug of Rice Beer awaiting on your arrival?

Ziro Festival of Music 2019

Zero waste campsite – Not only will you be staying amidst nature; you will be doing so without the guilt of polluting the environment. We adopt responsible measures in cutting down on plastic waste, utilizing composting bins, using eco-friendly and reusable products instead of disposable plastic, and many more.

Ziro Festival of Music 2019

Join the Fun club with the cool folks – We permit only good vibes around our bonfire jams, and the crazy music arrangements we have going at our campsite will have you put your dancing shoes on, we promise!

Ziro Festival of Music 2019

Beyond the Festival Vibes

Ziro Festival of Music 2019

It’s not just camping and festival vibes that you will be walking into. Experience Ziro with us like never before. Take a trip to the local village, try paddy field fishing (it’s funnn) and bamboo cutting; cycling in the exotic picturesque setting; and much more. We have Yoga and hiking sessions for your mind and adventure-loving soul as well.

And like we said, there’s more for those who need more – why don’t you join us and find out what it’s like to stay at the coolest Zero Waste Campsite in Ziro. Let’s talk and confirm your booking, shall we?

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