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Why Encamp?

We are a purpose driven travel enterprise offering hassle free, end-to-end experiences. A signatory to the Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency, our itineraries help you discover a lot more than the offbeat locations and their hidden gems. Thanks to our expertise in the Northeast, you get to experience the best of the land with the locals,

at accommodations closest to nature, getting you up close with the culture, cuisines and people. With optimum route planning, every day is a new discovery and a deep dive into the place that’s backed by our fair-trade practices to empower and upgrade the livelihoods of the local communities and minimise climate impact.


Conscious Customization

Tailored To Your Ethical Choices

  • Hassle-free, end-to-end travel itinerary planning
  • Unique Itineraries & Immersive Experiences.
  • Climate Action with every trip you plan.

Nature-Based Experiences

Properties with a view and a local touch.

  • Nature-Centric stays that have a view & vibe.
  • Cultural Insights from the local host.
  • Local Cuisine & Beverages as per choice.

Encamp Travel Experience

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  • 600+ Positive Google Reviews from satisfied travelers.
  • Guest-Centric Focus in crafting experiences tailored to your desires.
  • Services Team of experienced local experts focused on your experience.

Value for Money

Good Value For The Price You Pay

  • High-Quality accommodation.
  • Convenient transportation with a polite driver.
  • Exciting activities Included in the package.

Our environment is as dear to us as the place itself.

Support community-led climate action to minimise impact on climate change in India and the rest of the planet.

What do we envision?

To enable individuals and organizations to catalyse community-led positive climate action with zero efforts.

What’s our mission?

We built the carbon footprint calculator to make anybody a climate champion. Besides working out climate impact in no time, one joins the growing community of gamechangers who are taking climate action on-the-ground to save our planet.

Projects we’re currently supporting in Northeast:


Waste Management

We take efforts to promote and help channelize better waste management, food securing methods, water preservation plans and secure livelihoods.


Tree Plantation

We work closely with the local communities to preserve, conserve and save the native flora and fauna coupled with restoration and forestation.


Renewable Energy

We support the storage and usage of clean and renewable energy amongst our local partner spaces in order to provide adequate energy supplies by

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We’ve made it easy for you to take climate action.

Your one small step can go a long way in climate action. Be a green warrior with your individual contribution that becomes a force with millions of others. Become a conscious climate hero by knowing your carbon footprint with our Carbon Footprint Calculator!