The beauty of Northeast awaits you!

The seven sisters of North East India are blessed with scenic natural beauty, salubrious weather, rich biodiversity, rare wild life, historical sites, distinct cultural and ethnic heritage and warm and welcoming people.

The region offers unforgettable visits for tourists interested in treking, adventures tourism, wild life, cultural and ethnic tourism, river cruises, and a host of others activities.



Watch the clouds dance around peaks that whisper with the sky, with rivers flashing against the rocks beneath. Attain moksha during the day at the most beautiful monasteries and count the stars in each constellation by the night. Plan your next vacation in Sikkim.



Let the ingenious mix of cultures welcome you to a state of unexplored treasures. Witness the vibrant blend of Naga cultures at the Hornbill Festival with aplenty adventure activities and the magical Dzuko Valley trek that give you the thrills. Experience the hobbit life at India’s greenest village, Khonoma. Come home to Nagaland.


Arunachal Pradesh

Watch the stunning snow-capped peaks embellish and preserve the pristine beauty of nature. Discover countless sights that become your reasons to visit and revisit Arunachal Pradesh at Tawang that always greets you with its heavenly, panoramic views.



A state of unmatched beauty, Meghalaya rests sweet and cosy in the lap of nature. Scotland of the East, the state is a haven of impressive lakes and lush rolling hills. It’s home to India’s cleanest village and the planet’s wettest village with one of the finest craftsmanship, wood carving and artistic weaving to cast a spell on you.

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